Which convenience store can I pay at?

You can pay in cash at Lawson, Familymart ,Seicomart(Hokkaido・Kanto area),Mini Stop,Circle K.
Each convenience store has a different method of payment though.
Your reservation will be canceled automatically If we can’t confirm your remittance to our bank until the due date.
Please keep your receipt and bring it with you.We might check it before you get on the bus.

I couldn’t pay by the due date. What should I do?

Unfortunately we have to cancel your reservation. Please make another one again.

Which credit card can I use?

VISA・Master・JCB・American Express.
15 digits are required if you use American Express.
(Example:4 digits-4 digits-4 digits-3 digits)
Please ask each accommodation whether you need to pay in advance or not.

I canceled but the money has already been withdrawn from my account.

We withdraw if you cancel after the cutoff date of your credit card.
But you will receive your refund next month.
If you pay for another reservation with your credit card before you get a refund,difference might be caused by offsetting in your credit card company.
Please check your full statement about details.

How can I register?

Click the registration button on top of the screen.
{Reservation check(My page)}
Also you can proceed to sign up from the log in screen.
Please fill in all the required informations.