Enter to be an International Correspondent!

Mar. 21-22 / Entry Fee: 8,900 JPY

About the Cancellation

As announced by AnimeJapan 2020 Organization on February 27, 2020, "AnimeJapan 2020" has been cancelled. We regret to inform you that this project will be cancelled. The secretariat will contact each applicant individually. Thank you for your many applications. See you again.

Make friends and spread
the charm of Japanese animation
throughout the world!

The world’s largest anime event, “AnimeJapan 2020” is finally beginning! This time, the Anime Tourism Association is looking for “international correspondents” to participate in an event to help spread the charm of Japanese animation all over the world! There are many special experiences and events unique to this project. Apply now!


Public Days   
09:00-17:00 on Mar 21 [Sat] - 22 [Sun], 2020
Business Days 
10:00-18:00 on Mar 23 [Mon] - 24 [Tue], 2020
Anime Tourlism

The role of an international correspondent is to "use social media to spread the charm of anime throughout the world!" the Anime Tourism Association has prepared special experiences and privileges just for that! In addition, famous voice actors or creators may make surprise appearances!


Correspondents can skip the line with priority entrance!

Correspondents can enter earlier than others using the press entrance starting at 9:00AM.

Interview someone directly related to the anime industry!

There will be a special reporter’s experience for these correspondents! (and one member of the media) *You can select which experience you want from a list. In the case of many applicants, there will be a drawing. One drawing per person.


You’re invited to a special exchange! In addition, you will also receive a letter of appreciation!

A Meet and Greet will be held on March 21st. At this event, you will be presented with a letter of appreciation. Together we’ll strengthen communication between anime fans from various countries!

You will receive an exclusive coupon!

We will give you an exclusive coupon (worth 1,000 JPY) that you can use at the Anime Tourism Association booth.

You can use the correspondents-only waitroom on the first day!

Feel free to use the waitroom designated for correspondents on the first day. You can leave your luggage there, kick back and relax, or even have a light meal! Very convenient!

Upon completion of a survey, you will receive an original clear file!

Special AnimeJapan 2020 clear files will be given to correspondents who take the survey!

Event Overview

Event Date:
March 21st, 2020 (Required) March 22nd, 2020 (Optional)
Application Fee:
8,900JPY (Admission for 2 days, tax included)*Application fee is the same for one-day admission
*Accommodation and travel expenses are not included.
Number of Winners:
120 *Winners will be determined by drawing
Meeting Location:
Winners will be contacted after the drawing
Organizing, Planning,and Management:
Anime Tourism Association
Sales and Operation:
Cool Japan Travel,Inc.
In Cooperation With:
AnimeJapan Organization / Crunchyroll K.K. / MyAnimeList, LLC and more

Correspondent Experience Schedule

March 21st, Correspondent Experience Day 1 *Required

8:15 Assembly, Orientation
9:00 Entry, Venue Information Briefing (About 15 Minutes)
9:15 The correspondent experience begins.
Have fun looking at all the different booths, conducting interviews, or taking a break in the waiting room.
17:00 AnimeJapan 2020 End of Day 1
17:30 Meet and Greet Venue Opens
18:00 Meet and Greet Event Begins, Presentation of Letter of Appreciation, Participatory Events
19:30 End of Event, Dissolution

March 22nd Correspondent Experience Day 2 *Optional

8:30 Assembly, Orientation
9:00 Entry, Venue Information Briefing (About 15 Minutes)
9:15 The correspondent experience begins.
Have fun looking at all the different booths, conducting interviews, or taking a break in the waiting room.
17:00 AnimeJapan 2020 End of Day 2

*You can leave on the second day at your own discretion.

Requirements for participating in the correspondent program

  • Currently living outside of Japan
  • Can be contacted via e-mail
  • Active users of social media and be willing to post about the tour on your own account
    *"Anime Japan" may use your posted photos and documents for public relations activities such as TV and the Internet.
  • Can answer survey questions relating to the AnimeJapan 2020
  • Possess valid Japanese tourist visa if from a country or region where it is required
  • Must be 18 years of age or older at date of participation
  • Must agree to the regulations and conditions of this plan
    *Winners of the lottery will be asked to confirmed and accept the plan conditions again.

How to Apply

Applicants to this program will be determined via a lottery system. Upon selection, winners of the lottery will be contacted with detailed information on how to participate.

Entry Period:
First period: Feb 7, 2020 to Feb 16, 2020
Second period: Feb 17th, 2020 to Feb 23, 2020
Third period: Feb 24th, 2020 to Mar 1, 2020
*The periods shown above are based on Japan Standard Time
Application Method:
Click the application button below and enter all required information to enter the lottery.
Announcement ofWinners:
In each drawing, the winner will be informed of the details and payment method via e-mail.

Application Fee: 8,900 JPY (Admission for two days, tax included). After the drawing, the winners will be shown on the application and payment page. We only accept credit cards.
*Accommodation and travel expenses are not included.

Notes Regarding the Schedule:

  • Please note that the contents of this event may be changed or canceled.
  • Rules for recording video on cell phones, cameras, etc. are the same as general customers. Photography of stage events and guests is strictly prohibited.
  • If you need any assistance due to health concerns during the event, please contact us prior to applying via the contact e-mail address.
  • Please keep an eye on your valuables and belongings. We are not responsible for any theft of loss.